Abstract submission deadline extension 22-12-2019

Abstract Guidelines

You are invited to present your new research on the 3rd International congress on

Pharmacogenomics and, Personalized Diagnosis and Therapy. The Scientific Committee will review and grade submissions. Abstracts are selected on the basis of their medical and scientific significance, timeliness, quality of data and methodology, adherence to specific format requirements, and other criteria described here.

Following review by the Scientific Committee, the disposition of each abstract submitted for consideration will be sent via e-mail.


Abstract Preparation – Required Elements

Each abstract must include the elements as follows:

1. Language

  • All abstracts should be prepared, submitted and presented in English 


2. Title

  • Title should be submitted strictly in capital letters. It may contain up to 160 characters including spaces. You are strongly recommended not to use abbreviations.


3. Body

  • The abstract body may contain 2500 characters, including spaces. Section headers (i.e., Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions), are not included in the abstract body character count. Note: Trade names should not be used in abstracts.
  • If a table is included the body text should be no more than 2000 words
  • Each abstract may contain 1 table OR 1 image.
  • Tables: Suggested maximum size is 8 columns x 12 rows. Table characters are not included in the cumulative character count. The preferred method for adding a table is to create the table in a word processing program (e.g., MS Word), save it as an image (.jpg, .gif, or .png), and upload the image of the table. We strongly encourage this method because the abstract submission system’s table editor is limited in formatting options (i.e, italics, bold, center alignment).
  • Images: picture(s) should be saved first as an image file with preferred formats: gif, .jpg, or .png). Upload image file during the abstract submission process. Media are prompt to be placed at the bottom of the abstract in all publications. Your image must be legible at the maximum printed size of 10 cm x 15 cm inches with either vertical or horizontal orientation. If not, it won’t be accepted.


4. Structure: Abstracts must follow the following format:

  • Introduction – Briefly and clearly describe the hypothesis of the study. Why was the study conducted?)
  • Materials and Methods – Detail the experimental methods and processes employed in the study. What did you do?
  • Results – Describe the precise findings of the study; promises of results “to be determined” are not acceptable. Describe what you found and include data.
  • Discussion and Conclusions– Describe logically sound conclusions and reliable inferences drawn from the study results. Why are the study’s findings important?


5. Author’s Names

The name of the presenting author will appear below the title in bold. Up to 10 and no more than 10 authors may be included on each abstract, including a research team or group. Please DO NOT ENTER names of additional individual authors that exceed the allowed number of 10 individual authors.


6. Changes in Presenting Author

The author who submits an abstract is considered the presenting author and is responsible for delivering either the oral or poster presentation if the abstract is accepted. In case of an emergency, an alternate may take the presenting author’s place. The new presenting author must update the abstract submission to disclose information for the new presenter, his or her spouse, and institution. The new presenter must be listed as coauthor on the abstract and must be registered and accepted for attendance at the Conference.

Disclosures: Disclosure of financial relationships with commercial entities is required for the following: o Presenting author, including spouse and institution

o New presenting author (if applicable), including spouse and institution


7. Co-authors

Include the name, e-mail address, and institutional affiliation for coauthors.

Up to 10 may be entered (no exceptions). If there are more than 10 authors,

please use one of the 10 slots to name a group that represents those who cannot be listed individually.


8. Affiliations

Enter the primary affiliation for each coauthor.  Please spell out the full name of the institution and do not use abbreviations such as “Univ.” for “University.” Please use numbering for indicating the correspondence between author and affiliation. Each affiliation should be entered only once, not repeated for every author. In cases where an author is related to more than one affiliations, kindly use more than one numbers (e.g. N. Drakoulis1,2)


9. Submission

  • Authors are requested to check their abstract thoroughly before
  • If the abstract will be approved for presentation, it will be published as submitted.
  • If authors have to make important changes and/or corrections in abstracts they have already submitted, they are strongly recommended to contact immediately with Conferences’ Secretariat.
  • Authors should avoid replace an abstract with a newer/updated version by resubmitting online without any prior communication with the Conferences’ Secretariat.
  • Authors should avoid submit multiple copies of the same abstract.
  • The corresponding author must ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract and has received approval from co-authors before submission


10. Previous Submission, Publication, or Presentation of Data or Abstract

If your study data or abstract information has been published, submitted for publication where publication is anticipated on or before September 30, where you will present, or presented at any other major national or international scientific or medical conference will not be accepted.

Abstract text that is under copyright by a publication or conference should not be submitted verbatim 


11. Notification of Abstract Disposition

After the Scientific Committee completes its review and scores all abstracts submitted for consideration, the author and coauthors for whom correct e-mail addresses have been provided will be sent e-mail notification of the abstract disposition.


12. Common Reasons for Abstract Rejection

  • Subject matter is not appropriate for the conference
  • Information is not new enough
  • Abstract is duplicative of other submissions
  • Format does not follow guidelines (e.g, section[s] missing, more than 1 graphic, table, or figure submitted)
  • Submission is poorly written overall
  • Background does not summarize the hypothesis
  • Methodology is inadequate or insufficient to support conclusions
  • Controls are absent or inadequate
  • Statistical evaluation is inadequate or absent
  • Summary of essential results is inadequate or absent
  • Data are not included or offer inadequate/insufficient support for
  • Submission reports clinical trial data from unplanned analysis or incomplete or ongoing studies


13. Abstract Approval or rejection Notification Email

The corresponding author will be notified for the approval or rejection of the submitted abstract via email. Please remember throughout the procedure to write the correct email address.


Important Deadlines:

NEW Abstract Submission Deadline: December 22, 2019
The following form should be completed by the author who will be responsible for all correspondence regarding abstract.
Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*)

Contact Details

[including country and area code] ie 0030 6123 45 67 89
[including country and area code] ie 0030 6123 45 67 89

Abstract Details

[including submitting author]
• Please do not repeat information already entered (i.e. affiliations, authors, abstract title)
• Please do not insert unnecessary enter or/and space, tabs, bulleted lists etc or other formatting.
• Before submit your abstract check once more the required elements of the structured format.
• Abstracts should not exceed 250 words. All words will be counted by the system. When 250 words are reached no other word will be accepted.
• Upload your abstract to the following box.
• Scientific Committe may need to contact for any reason with the responsible person, therefore the e-mail should be valid.

Abstract File

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You will not be able to edit your abstract after submission.